Wind Power

Wind Power

GEV Wind Power has become the lead independent service provider for blade maintenance services. We deliver unrivalled competence and technological expertise, offering an unprecedented breadth of services and industry leading innovative solutions.

Our expanded network of support offices and personnel are ready to meet all your maintenance needs – from every type of wind turbine to substation integrity requirements.

We invest heavily each year in technician training to ensure increased capacity is available as the industry grows. As such a comprehensive programme of technician training, which covers industry and client specific requirements are matched to our in house competency system. This ensure our resource is at the highest level of professionalism within the industry.

Our business is also constantly focused on change and driving industry innovation. Accepting that the wind energy maintenance companies need to find new ways of delivering core services to help reduce the cost of energy going forward, is something that we are firmly aligned with. This is why we commit financial resources to in house research & development and constantly look to source proven technologies from around the World that fit well for Wind Energy.

Substation Support – GEV understands the importance of substation systems that collect and export the power generated by turbines, we are able to offer a wide variety of personnel to support in the essential works required for this industry including the following;

- OIM’s
- Electrical Technicians
- Instrument Technicians
- Mechanical Technicians
- Deck crew
-Crane Operators

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