BSI ISO 9001 BSI ISO 14001 BSI ISO 18001

“Building our business based on an integrity driven approach is fundamental to our success”

“We are able to offer an unrivalled level of experience covering frontline maintenance and inspection for all types of structures, confidently ensuring your project proceeds on track”

“We are financially disciplined and therefore able to allocate capital resources in a flexible and focused manner to deliver our services competently”

“We strive to ensure that the decisions we make, take into account all health and safety, environmental and social considerations across our business units”

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GEV Offshore
provides clients with an extensive range of specialist engineering, maintenance and inspection services, available when needed and delivered on time

Asset Integrity and Inspection

At GEV Offshore our aim is to manage inspection and maintenance plans for new and existing assets including offshore and onshore plants, structures, pipelines, with the aim of helping your assets to perform better and longer.

Focusing on key client needs helps us to better understand how are services need to be delivered. Our teams of experts benefit from many years experience in the industry and therefore understand that:

  • a pro-active maintenance and inspection strategy and execution plans leads to increased revenue from improved uptime
  • this provides for better operating results as operation, maintenance and inspection costs reduce over time
  • the asset life can be extended which means lower costs for fixed asset replacement
  • there is a positive knock on effect with improved safety and asset integrity

Our aim is therefore to work with our clients ensuring that we are working towards these same goals