With an experienced background in Oil and Gas, GEV Offshore has built up a reputation of reliability and professionalism.  Our FPAL scores clearly demonstrate that pedigree.  It has taken a great deal of time and effort to build the GEV Offshore brand and with this comes a great deal of respect from our clients.

In recognising the opportunities that exist in our area and the need to continue growing our already impressive portfolio, GEV offshore are proud to be placing highly skilled technicians into the growing Offshore wind Industry.
We have placed electricians and skilled labourers for the Galloper projects which will deliver 336MW of clean energy by 2018.
By building and leveraging our existing expertise at GEV Offshore, we can export our highly professionalised service from traditional energy into renewable energy, thereby minimising the learning experience and rapidly brining resource to bear when and where the client needs.

Wind Power

Leveraging our experience at sourcing highly skilled technicians for long-term or short-term notice periods, we are able to operate in the Wind sector as easily as the Oil and Gas. From construction technicians, to fabric maintenance specialist and from turbines to sub stations, we are able to meet your manning needs.

Our candidates cover wind farms, offshore and onshore installations including fixed platform and floating production environments as well as the commissioning, operating and maintenance phases of the production cycle.

We offer every kind of construction candidate, including all metalworking trades, technicians and construction supervisors.

We can provide teams from a full shutdown crew, to a single individual for short-term holiday/sickness cover as well as experienced rope access teams for specialised roles.