Decomissioning Support

Decommissioning Support

With Decommissioning costs of UK North Sea Oil and Gas Platforms set to reach an excess of 30 billion pounds, GEV Energy services understands the importance and precision of the works involved, this is why we are able to provide personnel at key points of the decommissioning process to include areas such as the below, with fully competent and hard working individuals with relevant experience throughout each stage of the process.

De-Com Phase



Purging/Flushing Nitrogen purge/flush plant Operators
Air Gapping Remove spool pieces and fit blind flanges to positively isolate from certain sources of pressure/hydrocarbon (ie. export line, xmas trees, chemical injection lines) Riggers, Pipefitters
Pipeline Flushing Pre-works Fit temporary pig launchers/ receivers/ flushing nozzles, temporary pipework, install tanks Riggers, Pipefitters
Pipeline Flushing Pigging operations to flush hydrocarbons from pipelines into either tanks, tanks on a vessel, into a well Operators
Post Pipeline Flushing Work Post Pipeline Flushing Work — removal of temporary pig launchers etc. fit blind flanges Riggers, Pipefitters, Operator, Deck crew
Well Bay Clearance Pre-rig arrival works to clear the well Bay Area of any obstructions such as flow lines, cable tray, hydraulics, lighting etc. Electrical, Mechanical, Operators, riggers
Well Services Well services work — pre-rig arrival Operators
Rig Pre-arrival Works Rig interface pre-works — clearing deck space, installation of stair tower, running cables for interface connections Electrical/Deck crew/ Crane Operator
Rig Phase Wireline/well services operations/plug and abandon. Platform de-com scopes such as cable removal, INST removal, pipeline removal. All Trades
Light-house mode Platform now gas free, green power Nav aids installed, in frequent visits. Core Crew
Subsea Abandonment Drilling rig at subsea location N/A
HLV Preparations Heavy lift barge/ vessel pre-works survey Core Crew
Topside Removal Heavy lift barge removes topsides N/A
Jacket Removal Heavy lift barge removes jacket N/A